Resurrection of the Dev machine…

Failed HDD’s
Failed Raid Card.
Incompatible WD Velociraptor caddies.
Lack of time.
Kitchen Installation.
Re-wiring & Gas.

Lot’s of excuses, all valid, all meant that I have not even been successfully powering up any machines.

But, that has changed. Currently using a fan and the WD’s stacked on their sides, I have a working machine that is currently registering near 7.5 in the windows performance metrics (Apart from the graphics which is little lower @ 5.4)

Here are some diagrams showing the VPC & VBox hosting drive speeds:

Geek Disk Stats 7Drives Geek Disk Stats 7Drives 2

Now to start to catch up with the Issues and all of my project status’s.


The Dev machine

Just an update for the followers of Liquesce and other developments who think that the Issues, and the new developments have gone quiet.

Well your partially right, as far as the Net is concerned I have been off the development side of it for a while, due to home issues and not having time to rebuild the Development machine. This has not stopped investigations and the use of liquesce personally, just the release of useable code to you, the users.

This should change in a few weeks, when the house starts to come back to normal and the drives are all transferred over to their new homes.

If you have requests / reviews / or bug reports, then keep them coming to the relevant codeplex sites.

WHS 2011 Driver hell

Yay WHS 2011 is working (So I thought) I’ll leave it do some updates and come back later.

When I do come back (After work) I find the machine has been constantly rebooting all day with BSOD’s.. Strange.. What did the MS updates do ?

It turns out (After 4 hours of removing hardware and internet searching) that the Ciprico Raidcore card I use, was detected as a Dell PERC card and windows kindly updated the driver for me.

Why did it do this?
– Turns out that, Ciprico have a driver called BCRaid.sys, and so does the Dell Perc card.
– I do not have said Dell card
– WHS does not know this and loads the driver in startup, BSOD, and performs a reboot !

And that is what it has been doing all day.

I cannot find a way of uninstalling the “Helpfull” MS update, as it is driver related and not a security or KB article fix !!

Time for global search and delete.

– It also turns out that the drivers where detected by very close together as well:
”” Nov 23 2011
”” Nov 19 2011

So how has this been solved?
– Pull out all raid cards (OS HDD runs off the M/B)
– Put each type back in turn to find what appeared to be wrong
– caught what the BSOD was saying and googled that
– Found a way of removing the Dell OEM#.inf via pnputil.exe
– Plugged in Ciprico, Still BSOD
– Unplug, power-on, Uninstall Ciprico
– Plugged in Ciprico, Still BSOD
– global search for BCRaid, finds a protected area inside DriverStore
– already had installed “Grant Admin full rights” explorer menu, so used that and deleted the files within the dir.
– Plugged in Ciprico, Power-on, Yay a boot

Finally, getting machines back on-line!!!

Apologies to those who think that development of Liquesce et al. has gone quiet. This is because the development machine (And then the media-vault) went off-line.

So bought a new Motherboard, Installed replacement LSI RAID card, acquiring Velociraptor drives (160HLFS), testing speeds, Overclocking CPU, awaiting delivery of new Cooler (Still not got that) trying to find new CPU (AMD PII x6 please), Then discovering DVD does not work, Then the Media-Vault has a hiccup (Even tho’ it is UPS protected) that wipes the OS, and recovery fails to find the backups !!

All in all, a not very productive output phase for any coding and support to those who have helped in the raising of issues and supplying logs etc.

What’s next in this who full tale?
– Still require 2 V Drives to fill the enclosure for the Raid stripping
– CPU hunt is on going
– Cooler delivery and then install
– Media-Vault now has WHS 2011 on it again (Did have Win 7×64 before hiccup !)
– restore the Virtual Environments on the Sliced Raid

The onto development again, BUT, it coming up to the Summer holiday, so the amount of time to be spent in doors sat in a hot “office" room are numbered.

Here’s a result of 3 (needs to be five to fill the enclosure) Drive speed tests:Geek Disk Stats

WinAFRED vs Liquesce RC2

First off; a reminder of what WinAFRED is:
Windows Add File Read Edit Delete tester,
– Uses standard Client C# .Net 4 to perform some scenario testing,
– Now comes with Fermenter, which just creates the specified number of files (or directories) as fast as possible,
– Shows the timings of those actions

Liquesce now has a performance page, which I will use to track the changes and test scenario results.

The idea is to stress test and attempt to recreate some issues that users have been seeing in certain OS versions.

If you have some ideas of how and what can be tested, then please add them to the WinAFRED site.

PropertyGrid – NumericUpDown Range Editor

OK, that probably sounds like complete rubbish for a title, but I had to get the gist of it out there.

This set of classes that allows a .Net PropertyGrid (Written in C# but should be convertible into other .Net CLR’s) to have a field that is driven by a the NumericUpDown toolbox Form type (Not WPF).

It also allows direct edit, of the field and will then do range validation (and correction) of the value entered.
And, will work with any number that will go into a PropertyGrid, i.e. not limited to the UpDown decimal type.

Here’s an example of how the attributes can be added to an existing PropertyGrid field (in bold):


DescriptionAttribute("0 is automatic, use 1 for problem finding scenario’s.\rRange 0 <-> 32"),
DisplayName("Thread Count"), CategoryAttribute("Dokan"
Editor(typeof(NumericUpDownTypeEditor), typeof(UITypeEditor)), MinMaxAttribute
(0, 32)]
public ushort ThreadCount { get; set; }

This shows the TypeConverter to allow direct editing.
The UITypeEditor to show the NumericUpDown control.
And, the new attribute to set the range MinMaxAttribute

The MinMaxAttribute can also take a step and increment values (They default to 1 if not specified).

The classes are currently here:


Credit to the following sources: