Development Machine Updated, and IDE(s) restarted..

It’s been a while, and Life <-> DIY <-> Work <-> Foss had ratio problems.

The DIY still needs to be done,

Work pays for the mortgage (just)

Foss went to sleep

and it felt like life was get-up, work, come home, eat, sleep – repeat

Well the Daylight hours (Minutes currently) are getting longer, and that means things a re starting to dry out, and Foss gets a little look-in.


Has had a few long standing issues corrected, and a few features added.


Is undergoing a revamp into .net 4.5.1, new CBFS, and new performance measurements –> improvements.

Amalgam, has bee parked as Eldos’s version is pretty good.

WinAFred is private still, and trackers seems to have been hijacked by stale hangers-on in the Codeplex (I want to be a developer email) domain”” Winking smile


Catch-up with Elucidate

That should really read “Get Elucidate to catch-up with the latest release of SnapRAID”, but that is a bit long.

While I have been spending some time with Elucidate, one of my 2TB’s drives has decided to have bad sectors in the middle of the MFT table, fortunately the recovery mechanism’s of SnapRAID came into their own.


I had to go to Ver 2.0 in order to get the recovery to be focussed on a single disk, great work, ( a good job I was also working on Elucidate to know about this amazing change) – Well done amadvance.

So to the new / improved stuff Elucidate:

012-12-18 (RC2)
– Add Command line extension text field
– Change tooltip when creating 2nd parity
– Add checks for the creation of the 1st config file, to allow "Start from fresh"
– Add "Run Without capture", which means that SnapRAID is run minimised and logs are not captured in Elucidate.
– Add an indication of the Blocksize Compared to installed memory

2012-12-11(Beta 1)
– Change the logging windows, so it sdoes not state StdErr, Stdout.
– Change to only output x86 build to be compatible with the scheduler code (
– Update to the new version 1.9.2 of the scheduler binaries (
– Investigate fix for the content files having the incorrect names on the parity drives
– Rewire the noHidden to now be in the config file.
– Add config output helper text for "autoSave"

Resurrection of the Dev machine…

Failed HDD’s
Failed Raid Card.
Incompatible WD Velociraptor caddies.
Lack of time.
Kitchen Installation.
Re-wiring & Gas.

Lot’s of excuses, all valid, all meant that I have not even been successfully powering up any machines.

But, that has changed. Currently using a fan and the WD’s stacked on their sides, I have a working machine that is currently registering near 7.5 in the windows performance metrics (Apart from the graphics which is little lower @ 5.4)

Here are some diagrams showing the VPC & VBox hosting drive speeds:

Geek Disk Stats 7Drives Geek Disk Stats 7Drives 2

Now to start to catch up with the Issues and all of my project status’s.

PropertyGrid – NumericUpDown Range Editor

OK, that probably sounds like complete rubbish for a title, but I had to get the gist of it out there.

This set of classes that allows a .Net PropertyGrid (Written in C# but should be convertible into other .Net CLR’s) to have a field that is driven by a the NumericUpDown toolbox Form type (Not WPF).

It also allows direct edit, of the field and will then do range validation (and correction) of the value entered.
And, will work with any number that will go into a PropertyGrid, i.e. not limited to the UpDown decimal type.

Here’s an example of how the attributes can be added to an existing PropertyGrid field (in bold):


DescriptionAttribute("0 is automatic, use 1 for problem finding scenario’s.\rRange 0 <-> 32"),
DisplayName("Thread Count"), CategoryAttribute("Dokan"
Editor(typeof(NumericUpDownTypeEditor), typeof(UITypeEditor)), MinMaxAttribute
(0, 32)]
public ushort ThreadCount { get; set; }

This shows the TypeConverter to allow direct editing.
The UITypeEditor to show the NumericUpDown control.
And, the new attribute to set the range MinMaxAttribute

The MinMaxAttribute can also take a step and increment values (They default to 1 if not specified).

The classes are currently here:


Credit to the following sources:


Hauppauge Colossus PCI Express Internal HD-PVR

I’ve taken a bit of time off from doing coding @ home to take the WM7 to the next level. This has been done by installing one of the cards mentioned in the title.

Well it appears to work, and the comments made by Marvin-Miller on [] are bang on.

One difficulty I had, was with the channel switching of 1->5 which needed to be recoded to be 101->105 for the stb to use. This can be done by editing a file that is used in the WM7 channel scan process.

The only issue now, is with the audio levelling of some channels and the adverts. I suspect 5.1 to “2 CH stereo”  switching is causing some hiccup somewhere.

It’s Been Quiet–Part II

Yay! My Media-Vault is back in operation. Turns out it was the motherboard that had gone the way of sand (i.e. back to base elements and not working in it’s intended macro form).

Q. So what is next for Liquesce ?

A. I have been battling with the sharing on x64 for clients ( not just XP), and have not been able to solve it. There is read access, for Win 7 and above clients, but not Notepad or WordPad write access.
This is leading me to the conclusion that Dokan needs another injection of time from it’s developer to nail these (and other) existing issues to make it a viable solution.

Q. So, What next ?

A. I shall “Tidy up” the phase 1 implementation and test it as if it it does not have any access over a network. Then move onto Phase II, which has some grand plans, and attempt to come up with another solution (like re-start the FTP client project called Amalgam!) for the share access.

Now back to the Vault.. Now that it is working (I have used Windows 7 instead of WHS this time), I need to tidy up the wiring, and put the sides on, Then ensure that the shares etc. are back and working.
I have also installed CoreTemp and a few sidebar gadgets to allow monitoring of all those drives, and allow throttling of the CPU (Via Win 7) to allow better cooling.

Christmas /New year is looming, so that means no Computers – So it might be a while before another update happens. (Unless I can sneak in some time to “Get away” from it all Smile