Development Machine Updated, and IDE(s) restarted..

It’s been a while, and Life <-> DIY <-> Work <-> Foss had ratio problems.

The DIY still needs to be done,

Work pays for the mortgage (just)

Foss went to sleep

and it felt like life was get-up, work, come home, eat, sleep – repeat

Well the Daylight hours (Minutes currently) are getting longer, and that means things a re starting to dry out, and Foss gets a little look-in.


Has had a few long standing issues corrected, and a few features added.


Is undergoing a revamp into .net 4.5.1, new CBFS, and new performance measurements –> improvements.

Amalgam, has bee parked as Eldos’s version is pretty good.

WinAFred is private still, and trackers seems to have been hijacked by stale hangers-on in the Codeplex (I want to be a developer email) domain”” Winking smile


Liquesce… It’s back

After a bit of a break from developing against this project, I went and

– Tinkered with WPF,
– Played and disliked MS IDE 2012
– Some development with Resharper and other JetBrains tools
– New direction @ work
– New monitors for home

I returned with earnest to take on CBFS V4 and make the project work.

Now after a few months playing and Alpha testing, I have released the revised version (Phase ][) of Liquesce.

The installer is a lot bigger now, as it includes the CBFS drivers and its related x32 and x64 dll’s, but with the LZMA inside Zip it’s under 3MB after compression.

For a full list of features and Things that have been tested visit the download page @

13-10 Phase ][ Initial release

Resurrection of the Dev machine…

Failed HDD’s
Failed Raid Card.
Incompatible WD Velociraptor caddies.
Lack of time.
Kitchen Installation.
Re-wiring & Gas.

Lot’s of excuses, all valid, all meant that I have not even been successfully powering up any machines.

But, that has changed. Currently using a fan and the WD’s stacked on their sides, I have a working machine that is currently registering near 7.5 in the windows performance metrics (Apart from the graphics which is little lower @ 5.4)

Here are some diagrams showing the VPC & VBox hosting drive speeds:

Geek Disk Stats 7Drives Geek Disk Stats 7Drives 2

Now to start to catch up with the Issues and all of my project status’s.

The Dev machine

Just an update for the followers of Liquesce and other developments who think that the Issues, and the new developments have gone quiet.

Well your partially right, as far as the Net is concerned I have been off the development side of it for a while, due to home issues and not having time to rebuild the Development machine. This has not stopped investigations and the use of liquesce personally, just the release of useable code to you, the users.

This should change in a few weeks, when the house starts to come back to normal and the drives are all transferred over to their new homes.

If you have requests / reviews / or bug reports, then keep them coming to the relevant codeplex sites.

WinAFRED vs Liquesce RC2

First off; a reminder of what WinAFRED is:
Windows Add File Read Edit Delete tester,
– Uses standard Client C# .Net 4 to perform some scenario testing,
– Now comes with Fermenter, which just creates the specified number of files (or directories) as fast as possible,
– Shows the timings of those actions

Liquesce now has a performance page, which I will use to track the changes and test scenario results.

The idea is to stress test and attempt to recreate some issues that users have been seeing in certain OS versions.

If you have some ideas of how and what can be tested, then please add them to the WinAFRED site.

The update to Elucidate is done.

Now it’s into testing by users for that to see if it does the job.

The issue with the scheduler create has been worked around, and is using some new code that has not been released by the Third Party developer yet.

Now back to creating the test environments for the blocking items for Liquesce.

Also there is also a request to get the Amalgam project (Map an FTP target as a HD Drive in the windows OS) to a useable state.

Busy, busy, and not much time to do spend on these interesting projects.

Liquesce–Testing Alpha 5

Bad news Sad smile. It seems between the release of Alpha 4 and the developments I have been doing to speed up the file processing, has broken the fundamental usage of the service. i.e. it cannot create a file!
This is where “WinAFRED Tester” should have been able to help me, but I haven’t got the time to create the code behind that at the moment.
And to remove even more time, it’s Christmas!

Looks like I will have to take a step back and start some basic tests again, perhaps even fill in the first code steps for the “Tester”.

Enjoy your season break, and I’ll catch up in the new year.Mug