Liquesce… It’s back

After a bit of a break from developing against this project, I went and

– Tinkered with WPF,
– Played and disliked MS IDE 2012
– Some development with Resharper and other JetBrains tools
– New direction @ work
– New monitors for home

I returned with earnest to take on CBFS V4 and make the project work.

Now after a few months playing and Alpha testing, I have released the revised version (Phase ][) of Liquesce.

The installer is a lot bigger now, as it includes the CBFS drivers and its related x32 and x64 dll’s, but with the LZMA inside Zip it’s under 3MB after compression.

For a full list of features and Things that have been tested visit the download page @

13-10 Phase ][ Initial release