Winforms Wizard Tracker

Using the previously mentioned ProgressTracker control, I have now combined the MBG.SimpleWizard dll into a generic control that allows UserControl pages to be added. Which will then auto populate (And hence progress) the Tracker as a single entity.

By using the UserControl separation, means that each of the page logic is contained in a single class.

So here is a picture of the test App:


It is showing that progress has got to what is called “Page2b”, and it’s style has a border (The other pages did not) and it has a few Winform objects on it that are responding to mouse over.

The node name is derived from the Pages name, and the initialisation (or override) is all done in the parent form that hosts the Wizard tracker.

The base control will be added to the Elucidate project to become the Repair control wizard.


A C# Winforms Guided Tracker.

I’ve been looking for an implementation of a “Guided Tracker” that can be used easily within a winform wizard.
These things are also called progress indicators, and are often mistaken for breadcrumb controls. for a good guide and a look at what these can be done inside html / JavaScript, then look here : Tracker in Web Design

After seeing some nice ones done in WPF, I wanted to be able to use them via WPF hosting. This seemed to cause more problems than is solved. So I have done my own. It’s not polished yet, bit it allows me to get on with the wizard.


This can be found here as part of the Elucidate project.

I tried to make the drawing as much a one time thing as possible (i.e. not perform on every OnPaint), and to get the existing Label control to do all the hard work of text placement and image display.