Catch-up with Elucidate

That should really read “Get Elucidate to catch-up with the latest release of SnapRAID”, but that is a bit long.

While I have been spending some time with Elucidate, one of my 2TB’s drives has decided to have bad sectors in the middle of the MFT table, fortunately the recovery mechanism’s of SnapRAID came into their own.


I had to go to Ver 2.0 in order to get the recovery to be focussed on a single disk, great work, ( a good job I was also working on Elucidate to know about this amazing change) – Well done amadvance.

So to the new / improved stuff Elucidate:

012-12-18 (RC2)
– Add Command line extension text field
– Change tooltip when creating 2nd parity
– Add checks for the creation of the 1st config file, to allow "Start from fresh"
– Add "Run Without capture", which means that SnapRAID is run minimised and logs are not captured in Elucidate.
– Add an indication of the Blocksize Compared to installed memory

2012-12-11(Beta 1)
– Change the logging windows, so it sdoes not state StdErr, Stdout.
– Change to only output x86 build to be compatible with the scheduler code (
– Update to the new version 1.9.2 of the scheduler binaries (
– Investigate fix for the content files having the incorrect names on the parity drives
– Rewire the noHidden to now be in the config file.
– Add config output helper text for "autoSave"