Resurrection of the Dev machine…

Failed HDD’s
Failed Raid Card.
Incompatible WD Velociraptor caddies.
Lack of time.
Kitchen Installation.
Re-wiring & Gas.

Lot’s of excuses, all valid, all meant that I have not even been successfully powering up any machines.

But, that has changed. Currently using a fan and the WD’s stacked on their sides, I have a working machine that is currently registering near 7.5 in the windows performance metrics (Apart from the graphics which is little lower @ 5.4)

Here are some diagrams showing the VPC & VBox hosting drive speeds:

Geek Disk Stats 7Drives Geek Disk Stats 7Drives 2

Now to start to catch up with the Issues and all of my project status’s.


The Dev machine

Just an update for the followers of Liquesce and other developments who think that the Issues, and the new developments have gone quiet.

Well your partially right, as far as the Net is concerned I have been off the development side of it for a while, due to home issues and not having time to rebuild the Development machine. This has not stopped investigations and the use of liquesce personally, just the release of useable code to you, the users.

This should change in a few weeks, when the house starts to come back to normal and the drives are all transferred over to their new homes.

If you have requests / reviews / or bug reports, then keep them coming to the relevant codeplex sites.