WHS 2011 Driver hell

Yay WHS 2011 is working (So I thought) I’ll leave it do some updates and come back later.

When I do come back (After work) I find the machine has been constantly rebooting all day with BSOD’s.. Strange.. What did the MS updates do ?

It turns out (After 4 hours of removing hardware and internet searching) that the Ciprico Raidcore card I use, was detected as a Dell PERC card and windows kindly updated the driver for me.

Why did it do this?
– Turns out that, Ciprico have a driver called BCRaid.sys, and so does the Dell Perc card.
– I do not have said Dell card
– WHS does not know this and loads the driver in startup, BSOD, and performs a reboot !

And that is what it has been doing all day.

I cannot find a way of uninstalling the “Helpfull” MS update, as it is driver related and not a security or KB article fix !!

Time for global search and delete.

– It also turns out that the drivers where detected by systemexplorer.net very close together as well:
”http://systemexplorer.net/filereviews.php?fid=3232758” Nov 23 2011
”http://systemexplorer.net/filereviews.php?fid=3115978” Nov 19 2011

So how has this been solved?
– Pull out all raid cards (OS HDD runs off the M/B)
– Put each type back in turn to find what appeared to be wrong
– caught what the BSOD was saying and googled that
– Found a way of removing the Dell OEM#.inf via pnputil.exe
– Plugged in Ciprico, Still BSOD
– Unplug, power-on, Uninstall Ciprico
– Plugged in Ciprico, Still BSOD
– global search for BCRaid, finds a protected area inside DriverStore
– already had installed “Grant Admin full rights” explorer menu, so used that and deleted the files within the dir.
– Plugged in Ciprico, Power-on, Yay a boot


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