Finally, getting machines back on-line!!!

Apologies to those who think that development of Liquesce et al. has gone quiet. This is because the development machine (And then the media-vault) went off-line.

So bought a new Motherboard, Installed replacement LSI RAID card, acquiring Velociraptor drives (160HLFS), testing speeds, Overclocking CPU, awaiting delivery of new Cooler (Still not got that) trying to find new CPU (AMD PII x6 please), Then discovering DVD does not work, Then the Media-Vault has a hiccup (Even tho’ it is UPS protected) that wipes the OS, and recovery fails to find the backups !!

All in all, a not very productive output phase for any coding and support to those who have helped in the raising of issues and supplying logs etc.

What’s next in this who full tale?
– Still require 2 V Drives to fill the enclosure for the Raid stripping
– CPU hunt is on going
– Cooler delivery and then install
– Media-Vault now has WHS 2011 on it again (Did have Win 7×64 before hiccup !)
– restore the Virtual Environments on the Sliced Raid

The onto development again, BUT, it coming up to the Summer holiday, so the amount of time to be spent in doors sat in a hot “office" room are numbered.

Here’s a result of 3 (needs to be five to fill the enclosure) Drive speed tests:Geek Disk Stats


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