The update to Elucidate is done.

Now it’s into testing by users for that to see if it does the job.

The issue with the scheduler create has been worked around, and is using some new code that has not been released by the Third Party developer yet.

Now back to creating the test environments for the blocking items for Liquesce.

Also there is also a request to get the Amalgam project (Map an FTP target as a HD Drive in the windows OS) to a useable state.

Busy, busy, and not much time to do spend on these interesting projects.


Elucidate is undergoing a “Compatibility update for SnapRAID V1.7”

As SnapRAID moves forward, it is getting some new options, and the original Elucidate also had a few minor issues that needed to be ironed out.

The issues and requests have all been stored in the Elucidate project over at codeplex, and now I am getting close to a “Stable” release candidate. The big thing left is either to workaround a documented issue with the Scheduling component that I have “borrowed”, or wait for its original author to help me out with the issue (As he cannot recreate it).

Go to the following location to find out about Elucidates status and see what other things have been added to this version. –> Elucidate