It’s Been Quiet–Part II

Yay! My Media-Vault is back in operation. Turns out it was the motherboard that had gone the way of sand (i.e. back to base elements and not working in it’s intended macro form).

Q. So what is next for Liquesce ?

A. I have been battling with the sharing on x64 for clients ( not just XP), and have not been able to solve it. There is read access, for Win 7 and above clients, but not Notepad or WordPad write access.
This is leading me to the conclusion that Dokan needs another injection of time from it’s developer to nail these (and other) existing issues to make it a viable solution.

Q. So, What next ?

A. I shall “Tidy up” the phase 1 implementation and test it as if it it does not have any access over a network. Then move onto Phase II, which has some grand plans, and attempt to come up with another solution (like re-start the FTP client project called Amalgam!) for the share access.

Now back to the Vault.. Now that it is working (I have used Windows 7 instead of WHS this time), I need to tidy up the wiring, and put the sides on, Then ensure that the shares etc. are back and working.
I have also installed CoreTemp and a few sidebar gadgets to allow monitoring of all those drives, and allow throttling of the CPU (Via Win 7) to allow better cooling.

Christmas /New year is looming, so that means no Computers – So it might be a while before another update happens. (Unless I can sneak in some time to “Get away” from it all Smile


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