It’s been quiet…

Yes it has. This is down to several reasons, the main one being that my Media-Vault died, and I have been trying to find out which component it might be.
Things tried (So Far)

  • Unplug everything,
  • Swap memory
  • Swap Video card
  • Remove from case
  • Use a different power supply
  • Finally get hold of a Motherboard speaker to see if there are any “beeps”

The Result.. Still died! The problem is that the M?B has leds for the power switches on board, and when pressed it appears to kick into life, just no POST, or Video Sync reset signals are sent, and now definitely no POST BEEP codes.

So what’s left ? Well I have scoured the Net and managed to buy some bits (Not new !) to see if I can swap the CPU and – or the M/B to see if they have both have both turned the silicon back into solid sand.

A New Project ?

On the side I have been getting ideas on how to test Liquesce, and it’s various flavours of development. So I am introducing the WinAFRED Tester –

Windows Add File Read Edit Delete Tester..

So Any ideas on how to push this forward and edge cases you have come across when connecting your windows to things like USB / Cloud / Virtual / FTP Extenders File Systems would be greatly accepted. Go to and post your requests.


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