Liquesce and more workarounds for Dokan “Features”

The latest Alpha has just hit the Liquesce site

So what’s in this

Switch to using for the GetFileInformationByHandle() for speed (Probably) and direct return of uptodate information from the native file system.
– Fix the "Left over" text for the backup in the space display.
– Re-focused the need for security on the GetFileInformation and SetFile operations.
– Add code to inform explorer (And other Apps via OS) that things have changed in the mounted drive [SHChangeNotify API].
– Sort out the code for the file renames in Win 7 and ""

All of the above have been tested on Win 7 x64


Drive Pooling Returns to Windows Server 8

Does this make what I am trying to do for the “Other” OS’s obsolete ?

Will it make me  take less interest in trying to workaround the issues with Dokan etc.?

Currently ; I have no Idea, but I am getting tired of Dokan and it’s issues !

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