Liquesce testing..!!

The initial touch testing of Liquesce in Win 7 x64 was very encouraging, and I was able to mark some outstanding issues as closed;


Dropping back to using XP as the Mount server is proving, that things like Notepad are not happy with the new code base.

Also Creating files or directories in XP explorer does not bring up the rename box. So something is not right.

So, A question I need to answer is, Do I support XP as the server ? or just move onto Win7 and above (x32 and x64)!

I will have to see how much code needs to be sorted, and how many other problems are found in the more extensive testing in x64 OS’s..

The summary is – Steps forward in Win7 but steps backward in XP.. It’s a little frustrating. Anyone else performing any testing ?


2 thoughts on “Liquesce testing..!!

  1. If you ask me, I’d say “screw XP and move on” as all platforms around me are 6.1 kernel.
    But, you shouldn’t overlook the 2003 server (WHS) base.
    I dunno…

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