A Liquesce update.

I have been battling the x64 FileSecurity API’s that display who has what access in explorer. It seems that the API call works, but then displays an empty field in Explorer, then When setting the data, it comes back with incorrect information, and the CreateFile (Open method in Dokan) does not pass the security credentials through that Explorer is trying to use to determine if it has those ACL rights..

Seems like Dokan is shooting itself in the foot again.

The easy way out (At the moment) is to just disable ACL on the Mounted drive And disable those API’s as well. But then that stops things like word etc from opening and closing files properly (I think that is what it comes down to ?)

So Back to the discovery as to why Dokan is still coming up short for even a small fix in that direction of compatibility win Win 7 higher!


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