Liquesce modes – How do they work?

The modes that are currently working in Liquesce are folder, priority, and balanced. The source storage drives that make up the merge location are stored in the order in which the user adds them in the management application. This is important when drives become full or a certain drive is really fast and is used as the initial drop zone for new and active files.

  • Q: How is a source drive assumed to be full ?
  • A: A source is full when the number of available bytes to write falls below the HoldOfBufferBytes. This values should be bigger than any “New” file that you want to store, it also allows file to grow into this area.


  • Q: So what are these “modes”?
  • A: Lets take each in turn:
    • 1- Folder: This tries to keep all the data that belongs to a particular feature in it’s initial location. e.g. if you have a source for music, and another for movies, then if a new file is created in a directory that has movies in the path, then it should be stored in the movies source.
    • 2- Priority: This will store all new file in the source location order (See space below)
    • 3- Balanced: This will store the new file in which ever source currently has the most space.


  • Q: Now what happens when a drive becomes full ?
  • A: This is where the modes for the merge folder are used, So if the user has selected Priority and the first drive is full, then it will drop to the next drive in order that has enough space, if not it will default to Balanced mode. If starting in Folder mode then it will try to find an equivalent directory structure on one of the other sources, then go to Priority, then to Balanced.

Well that’s the idea, any suggestions ?


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