Liquesce and it modes

During some development by one of the “old” members of the development team for Liquesce, they added some new modes to the initial folder mode I started, some of these are still there (folder, priority, balanced) and some are a good idea, but are currently in the way.

So I have taken the decision to remove (backup, mirror) them from the Phase I code base, and have them as modes that can be implemented in the MEF dll’s of Phase II.

Why? Well, as these are good ideas, they make the code harder to work out why a particular, corner usage case does not work, (i.e. sharing, or opening via word….); so to make my time more beneficial to the initial impetus of this project, and to make the testing time shorter, they have to go!

Apologies to those who may have been using the backup mode, but there are other ways to achieve this in the short term (i.e. ensure that you data is not on the same machine !). I understand that it does break the “Well that’s what WHS does” model, and I might be able to bring them back soon.

Stay tuned.


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