Elucidate: Maintenance Release I.I

2 Bug fixes, and 3 Feature enhancements:

– Fix 9151: Have to add the new target to the existing nLog configuration AND then reassign!
– Implement 9152: Allow Form to be re-sized. Made initial size slightly wider.
– Implement 9154: Copy Can be done via Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert dependent on users OS and scheme.
– Fix 9490: Rounded Tab Redraw when not first tab shown
– Implement 9153: Switch to Real-Time when running a command.

Go and get it from here: http://elucidate.codeplex.com/

Also SnapRAID has been updated to 1.6: https://sourceforge.net/projects/snapraid/forums/forum/1677233/topic/4693478


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