Liquesce: Phase I–Re-Focused Release

Just a quick note to let you know that the next version of liquesce is about to enter a testing phase:

If you want some features or issues added / tested, ten go to the web-site and add them.


Liquesce modes – How do they work?

The modes that are currently working in Liquesce are folder, priority, and balanced. The source storage drives that make up the merge location are stored in the order in which the user adds them in the management application. This is important when drives become full or a certain drive is really fast and is used as the initial drop zone for new and active files.

  • Q: How is a source drive assumed to be full ?
  • A: A source is full when the number of available bytes to write falls below the HoldOfBufferBytes. This values should be bigger than any “New” file that you want to store, it also allows file to grow into this area.


  • Q: So what are these “modes”?
  • A: Lets take each in turn:
    • 1- Folder: This tries to keep all the data that belongs to a particular feature in it’s initial location. e.g. if you have a source for music, and another for movies, then if a new file is created in a directory that has movies in the path, then it should be stored in the movies source.
    • 2- Priority: This will store all new file in the source location order (See space below)
    • 3- Balanced: This will store the new file in which ever source currently has the most space.


  • Q: Now what happens when a drive becomes full ?
  • A: This is where the modes for the merge folder are used, So if the user has selected Priority and the first drive is full, then it will drop to the next drive in order that has enough space, if not it will default to Balanced mode. If starting in Folder mode then it will try to find an equivalent directory structure on one of the other sources, then go to Priority, then to Balanced.

Well that’s the idea, any suggestions ?

Liquesce and it modes

During some development by one of the “old” members of the development team for Liquesce, they added some new modes to the initial folder mode I started, some of these are still there (folder, priority, balanced) and some are a good idea, but are currently in the way.

So I have taken the decision to remove (backup, mirror) them from the Phase I code base, and have them as modes that can be implemented in the MEF dll’s of Phase II.

Why? Well, as these are good ideas, they make the code harder to work out why a particular, corner usage case does not work, (i.e. sharing, or opening via word….); so to make my time more beneficial to the initial impetus of this project, and to make the testing time shorter, they have to go!

Apologies to those who may have been using the backup mode, but there are other ways to achieve this in the short term (i.e. ensure that you data is not on the same machine !). I understand that it does break the “Well that’s what WHS does” model, and I might be able to bring them back soon.

Stay tuned.

A working laptop, from many parts…

During the summer I have been scouring the internet (Well eBay) for Dell Laptop parts, to make an M70 come back to life.

  • It started out with a 1024 screen then went to 1600, and now has a 1920*1200 panel
  • It needed the Video card replacing and testing; Turned out it wasn’t that but some water / liquid ingress that was under the card fittings !!
  • Replaced the Video and CPU fans, (And gave the thing a vacuum out).
  • Upgraded the CPU from 1.7 to 2.13 GHz
  • Upgrade the memory from 1 to 2GB (The max it will take Sad smile)
  • Put on some silver compound on both the CPU and GPU chips to aid cooling (And prevent fan noise)
  • Next the hard drive, Starting with a  40GB @5400rpm then to 60GB @7200, next via a replacement DVD-rom bay, a Sata 500GB drive brought the speed up to 70MB/s write !
  • Find out how to install windows 7 from a USB HDD (Not a stick, as there a lot’s of sites that give some information for that !), and then get the Bay module drive to boot.
  • during the HDD phase I purchased a PCMCIA to SDHC adapter to use that as the ReadyBoost area, but now that the PATA drive bay is empty and the BIOS complains on boot, I am awaiting delivery of a 44pin IDE to SDHC module.
  • Also there is a docking station, and it has been installed with Win 7 and with a little persuasion, a driver recognised my MS has been installed to drive the LCD panel at full resolution.
  • Bought a Laptop knee tray – this turned out to be the right size, and even space for an external mouse, but:
    • It’s way too slippy to hold the mouse while typing
    • Too thin when using the mouse, as the thing bends
    • A bit fragile, when wanting to move the whole thing including heavish Laptop and mouse to the side, to allow you to stand.

What’s left:

  • Remove the Bluetooth adapter, as the silly flashing status light is driving me bonkers.
  • Get a faster / bigger SDHC (Sandisk have just released a 95MB/s write device, but that’s way too expensive, when the drive bay could take a 600x CF card and adapter for less!)
  • Get a power adapter that works correctly for the slim USB DVD rom bay that I have.
  • Investigate a new battery that does not cost loads, and can last ages
  • Investigate a new table with legs that can actually take a laptop of this size and weight.

The total cost so far, has been less than buying the starting Laptop spec, in working condition, from eBay (Apart from the SATA drive as I already had that !)

Liquesce: It needs a boost…

Earlier in this blog I have stated that I added a speed boost to the Amalgam client; I think it is about time I got the original Liquesce (Not the investigation FTP version) back in the release cycle, and add this boost and some other important improvements to it.

I cannot promise much else just yet, But if you want some features adding then visit it’s web site @ codeplex and either “Vote Up” existing  features / bugs or add some new ones.

Elucidate: Maintenance Release I.I

2 Bug fixes, and 3 Feature enhancements:

– Fix 9151: Have to add the new target to the existing nLog configuration AND then reassign!
– Implement 9152: Allow Form to be re-sized. Made initial size slightly wider.
– Implement 9154: Copy Can be done via Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert dependent on users OS and scheme.
– Fix 9490: Rounded Tab Redraw when not first tab shown
– Implement 9153: Switch to Real-Time when running a command.

Go and get it from here:

Also SnapRAID has been updated to 1.6: