Things are quiet ?

Well, yes they are from the netside view, but then I have been taking a few lazy nights to catch up with a bit of telly watching, reading about SWT etc.

Also Along the way, I have bought an Android phone, so will be moving from an old Windows M 6.x to at least Android 2.1. Probably the first thing I’ll do is put on one of those 2.3.x Roms on and see what flies. (After unlocking from the network Smile)

I seem to be neglecting the C# applications, but doing a lot of defect fixing at work means, that I do n really have the enthusiasm to sit and perform stress, debug tests on the the home code base; especially when it is sunny outside. I will come back to them when the nights start to draw in, but I will be ready, and have a few plans to make things “better” Surprised smile