The results of playing in Java are in…

I have been playing with JavaFX 2.0, and although it is pretty and works with Swing (In order to get menus!), the lack of any designer to aid in layout of it’s features, has put a rather big stop on that.
IntelliJ just would not give up and allow an Application to be created, but you could import one and do it that way ?
NetBeans – Although good at all the different project types, and a lot of enthusiastic Forums, again would not allow code to be placed directly into it “protected” regions, and you have to jump through some hoops to use the “Insert Custom Code” to get round that. I can understand why they do it this way (To keep the designer slick probably!) but it is a bit of a pain.

So I will be using Eclipse, because It does everything. Which is both a plus and a negative. So A bit of process learning is going to take place to see if this tool can be focused a little to be a better round-trip tool.

In the meantime, the Windows version of Elucidate has picked up a bug in it’s log output, and while I was there I found a few features that would make the user experience a little slicker Smile.


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