Adventures in Eclipse (SWT this time).

So I have been playing with SWT in Eclipse, to try and emulate the Elucidate Look that I have created for the Windows .Net application, and it seems to do what the pundits say it does. Both the positive and the negative –

  • I have witnessed the power of the GUI builder and felt the pain of the round trip time.
  • I have witnessed the ease of using SWT, and the pain of not being able to use swing directly once it is in that mode ! (i.e. I want the Help menu to be right aligned!)
  • The ease with which it can all go horribly wrong with the incorrect choice of layout.
  • JFace makes things harder to understand (I know about event programming.. but this did not feel right)

Here is my result (Windows 7). It does not work and the tabs do not change the buttons, but it shows the layout is possible !

Eclipse SWT


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