My first public Codeplex whinge….

So I have been trying to setup a new project in codeplex, and for some reason, it has force a stall at the source control page. It is preventing adding code to either download or directly to the source page. Still waiting the support people to sort it out, but no luck yet:

Stuck in Setup 

So watch this space to see if it comes to fruition, So that I can at least start to talk about what this new project is.


One thought on “My first public Codeplex whinge….

  1. This morning I asked for an update on what was happening, and I got a nice short reply stating that it had been resolved.
    Yay!.. Now to add some code and then publish this new project:
    Now that, has been sorted, it seems that DevStudio does not want to play.. It is refusing to Add new projects to a solution, and the PC is currently uploading the Fault report to MS and taking its time about it as well !

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