The Warm weather has found a victim

It has to happen, It normally does each year.. This time it was the Media-Vaults turn to have something go to toast. Turns out it was one of the Raid boards. Not a pleasant feeling, But then I am not using them as Raid Controllers, only SATA PCIExpress x8 expansion, so No data “should” be lost.. Have a spare in the Loft, So it’s just got plugged in and now Win2k8 is reporting all the drives are back – Phew..

Now to perform a test (When it’s cooler Smile)

Note to self – Hunt down Spare #2 as well !


LogMeIn Interactive “New Connections” View

If you used LogMeIn, then you know how useful this can be, But I have just come across a nice view that they have a “New Connections” that are being made. Now this view is from Sunday Evening, What it must look like on a work remains to be seen, But I just love the way the dot’s glide effortlessly over the view, and the way the new connections are visualised under (near) you mouse pointer to give a glowing effect that grows over the map. The Following picture does not do it full justice, If you can connect to the view then I recommend it Smile

LogMeInInteractive COnnections

Elucidate–Windows Release Candidate

So after a week of nightly updates and features additions, I feel that I have come to the end of the initial release of the windows GUI that can drive the SnapRAID command line. Yay !

The only thing that I have left to do that will satisfy me that I have completed my Phase 1 intentions is to have a Mono build form the same code base. This I have done but do not have the means to test it, especially when the package generator within MonoDevelop does not do what it states it should .. Must be missing something !

Anyway, here’s a picture of it running against my drive setup (With the drives lite up in the task bar), enjoy.

RC in Use

HelpProvider – a c# misnomer I felt??

Okay, so the title is a bit misleading, It Starts by stating HelpProvider, That’s what MS call’s it’s F1 key and mouse over help click thing. But the documentation is a little sparse and what does exist is very repetitive. What I wanted was a nice example of how to get this to work with web hosted html via a url.

Lot’s of searching with http etc. in the search criteria does not help in google and the like.

Anyway, it turns out to be be trivial once you know what to do (And ignore the chm / htm [see no L on the end!] examples)


  1. Create the HelpProvider instance on your form
  2. Put in the root url for the help page (Singular) into the HelpProvider
  3. Make sure the form has the HelpButton field set to true to show the question mark in the Title bar.HelpTitleBar


  1. For each of the Form elements that you wish to provide web help to you need to click on the HelpKeyword field and type inthe anchor offset (The bit that will go after the url and not including the #)
  2. Then in the HelpNavigator select Topic :HelpNavigator

Run the application, Click on the the little help icon or press F1 and then click on the control that you set the data above on. Using the example above will turn the data into the following link location and start the default browser to go to it:


CommandLink Buttons for .Net2 and Mono

Thanks to a colleague @ work, I have been able to glean information from the Net and some magic via Google (and 2 pairs of eyes), to come up with a CommandLink button that does:

  • Disabled drawing
  • Button Click movement
  • Mouse over highlight
  • Normal Highlight
  • Focussed Highlight
  • Image(s) – (Or not)
  • Underline of Accelerator mnemonics
  • Detection of Windows state to not underline until the Alt key is pressed

Go here and see for yourself look for changeset 66950 (Or browse the code for CommandLinkButton.cs)

Elucidate: A GUI to drive the SnapRAID command line (All supported platforms) – Download: Teaser (Alpha) installer

Elucidate: A GUI to drive the SnapRAID command line (All supported platforms) – Download: Teaser (Alpha) installer.

– Changed the button icons to be a little more related to their function(s)
– Start to add the Settings form
– Disable the Main form buttons by default
– Layout to get the basic config file properties
– Error provider icons
– Read and Write the config file
– Updated NLog to the latest nightly build